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In case you haven’t heard about it already, you could be earning money by letting your home while you are relaxing on the beach or skiing in the mountains.
Selling your home and initiating house relocation to a new place may not be working out that well for you, but you will definitely have more success with letting your home for the holiday. You are more than welcome to try this out, but do make sure you are familiar with all the rules and good practices.

  • No high standard required - in fact, your home doesn’t have to meet any specific standards, but it should not look like a cluttered storage room either. It needs to be tidy and clean, if you are to hope it will attract any takers.
  • Choose the time right - if there is a popular festival taking place nearby, chances are a lot of people will be interested in renting your home. However, you must also not forget to sync that with your holiday, as that is the ideal situation.
  • Mortgage and insurance - tenants normally need permission, or else they find themselves in breach of contract. In addition to that, insurance companies usually continue to provide cover, although there are some limits and restrictions in place, during the increased risk. 
  • Consult with the local council - some councils are against short term lets, because they want to protect other residents from potential disruption and loud noise. In some cases permission is required for any lets under 90 days. That is a solid enough period to find yourself living in another home after a relocation, so make sure you do get a permission when necessary.
  • Leave your guests some room - don’t forget that your guests will come with a certain volume of items. Leave some free storage space so they can use that for themselves. Pack some of your belongings and remove them so that there is enough storage space for them.
Letting your home to earn some extra money sure is a nice strategy. Pair it with your holiday for ultimate benefits.