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Michelle Obama’s Top 10 Gardening Facts

When wading through some gardening posts and articles yesterday, I came across this little gem from The Hollywood Gossip. Michelle starred on the Dave Letterman show and imparted some of her gardening wisdom.

As we are all very aware, Michelle is quite the gardening buff since she started the White House Vegie Patch. Obviously it’s going well if her gardening facts are anything to go by.

So, just sit back, take in a deep breath and knock these over one-by-one. <

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Become a Master at Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening can be a great way to grow vegetables, flowers, and other types of plants. It allows gardeners to control every aspect of their plant’s growth, allows higher plant yields, and helps prevent the spread of fungus and other plant diseases.

Instead of using soil, hydroponic gardening uses a liquid to provide nutrients and minerals to plants. M

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Container Vegetable Gardening To Feed 6

While everyone may not have room for full-sized vegetable gardening, many can find a spot in a patio, balcony or rooftop for container vegetable gardening. Even a single container planted with vegetables can provide a bountiful harvest, enough to feed a family of six or host a dinner for six friends.


Most vegetables need at least six hours of full sunlight every day to grow properly. Cool season plants like lettuce, celery and broccoli can get by on a bit less.

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