Packaging for Independent Retailers: Importance and Improvement

Successful independent retailers consider packaging as an important part of their effective and efficient marketing mix for good reasons. Keep in mind that big box retailers are always on their case, so to speak, so it is important to keep an edge no matter how small it may be – and focusing on unique products packaged in a unique way and even delivered in a unique way is a must for their thriving business.

Independent Retailers

Importance of Packaging

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Soft and Organic Design: Textural Concrete Tiles with Flowery Motifs

Share on Facebook Tweet Comment Looking for a new way to innovate your house? Why not try the soft organic forms with flowery motifs that embellish the walls of your home, a simple concept developed by KAZA and a series of selected design artists from all over the world? A concrete tile reinforced with concrete fiber called Smart Concrete becomes a durable material that can be adapted to various creative design concepts. Whats really interesting is the way each artist brings his/her personal contribution to it, transforming a tile into an object of art. B

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The cozy La Luge cabin – a contemporary holiday attraction in Quebec

Located in Quebec, Canada, La Luge is a charming holiday cabin designed by YH2 Architects. Its situated in the middle of the forest so its surrounded by nature and fresh air. Here you can relax and admire the snowy landscape. The cabin is surrounded by dense vegetation which ensures privacy and its equipped with everything the guests may need in order to feel comfortable and at home.

The cabin has a private spa which occupies almost a third of the space.

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UPDATE: Jackson adds manufacturing capacity in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. — Upholstery producer Jackson Furniture has opened one new plant in northeastern Mississippi and plans to start operations soon at a second facility, according to company officials.

The plants represent an investment of $2 million, and the company said it will hire a minimum of 250 employees.

Jackson is currently producing at a 186,000-square-foot plant in Mantachie, Miss. A 160,000-square-foot facility in Myrtle, Miss., is set to start operations Dec. 9.

The Mississippi Development Authority is giving the company $750,000 for renovation and relocation costs, as well as worker training valued at $1.016 million. The Appalachian Regional Commission is giving $300,000 for infrastructure improvements.

Jackson Furniture is based in Cleveland, Tenn., makes sofas, recliners, chairs, tables and rugs under the Catnapper and Jackson brands. T

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Clever Home Organizing Tips

There are many reasons why we need better organization around our home, but one of the major ones is the simple fact that we barely use most of what we own so if  you simply want to keep your home more organized, the following tips may prove helpful:


Garage Ceiling Storage Since the garage is usually one of the prime storage spaces around our home, using its ceiling as a location for storage can be an extremely useful move. All it takes is some preparations and you will have more space than you could have thought possible. The key to this lies in making sets of carriages imitating rails, combined with large plastic bins that will hang overhead. N

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